Harvest Unlimited

Leader: Jim McKinney


Harvest Unlimited partners with churches to reach their un-churched neighbors by setting up “call centers” within the church. Church members call “neighbors” to ask how they might be able to pray for their families and to invite them to church on a designated “Harvest Sunday.”

Harvest provides the leadership, training, resources, and project management to members of the church to conduct the entire outreach.We offer a more effective approach to reaching the un-churched that is yielding much higher results than traditional marketing and outreach.

One of the most important aspects of a Harvest outreach is uniting the church in prayer for personal needs shared by their neighbors during the calling. People within the church commit to pray daily and follow-up, expecting answers to prayer, with hundreds of prayer requests received. Praying for specific people, needs, families in crisis radically changes a church and energizes a focus beyond their four walls.

The un-churched are waiting for a personal invitation that will change their current and eternal destiny. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” We are excited that you are interested in forever changing the life of your church and the lives of those in your community through Harvest Unlimited. We look forward to having the opportunity to co-labor with you in the harvest.

A Track Record of Results

In just short of four years, we are quickly approaching having 100 churches engaged with Harvest Unlimited. The churches have ranged from 20 to over 2,000 in average attendance and represent a variety of denominations, including: Southern Baptist, Assemblies of God, Christian Churches, Episcopal, Anglican, United Methodist, and a few independents.

*Based on our calculations, these churches have spoken to over 225,000 households, reaching over 100,000 self-declared “un-churched” families.

  • 25,000 un-churched household decision-makers have responded positively to the personal invitation to attend church.
  • Over 25,000 personal prayer requests have been received, prayed for, and God’s compassion extended through personal follow-up.
  • Through the ministry of Harvest Unlimited, over 2,000 previously un-churched families, approximately 5,000 people, attended church (many for the first time) as a result of a phone call and a personal invitation to church
  • An additional 5,000 un-churched families, or 12,500 people, confirmed twice their intent to attend church. Harvest churches continue to track new guests up to six months after the initial invitation.

It’s not just about church growth. The greatest aspect of Harvest is the impact on individual lives and eternal destinies through enabling and equipping the local church to reach out to their neighbors. Every Harvest results in testimonies of lives and churches forever changed.

We recently received testimonies of dramatic healings - a result of mobilizing praying churches with a strategy to reach their communities. One testimony was from a Jewish woman adamantly expressing no interest in the invitation to church, but was touched by the offer to pray for any need she might have. She had been on oxygen for years and was now dependent on a respirator. Two weeks after the invitation phone call and a couple of notes of encouragement received from a praying church, she appeared at the church’s office – free from the respirator and oxygen. That got her attention and she attended church on the Harvest Sunday with plans to continue attending.

People have been transformed as they see firsthand the real life and issues faced by the countless thousands of homes and families within miles of the church. Their focus shifts from inward to outward as they have their focus changed and adopt the Father’s heart toward the lost and hurting.

Churches that fully embrace Harvest’s principles and continue in their outreach report sustained growth and renewed vitality. Some churches have doubled their average attendance in only a couple of years through repeat Harvest outreach implementations.

Over 100 churches have now engaged with Harvest Unlimited to reach out to their communities, transform their congregations, and grow their churches. We believe Harvest has achieved a critical milestone and has established a respectable track record of success in churches across America, small and large, urban and rural, crossing denominational lines. Armed with the statistics and testimonies from these churches, we can speak with confidence and conviction to the impact a Harvest outreach will have in a church.

  June 2021  
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