Baltic Pastoral Institute

Director: Peteris Sprogis

Peteris Sprogis was pastor of Matejs (Matthew) Church, currently the largest Baptist church in Latvia, for 13 years.

While valuing the historic faithfulness, sacrifice, and traditions of Latvian Baptists, Peteris is moving forward to reach contemporary Latvians and impact the Latvian culture of today.

Recognizing his success and looking for new leadership to move its churches into a more influential position with the core of the culture, the Union of Baptist Churches of Latvia elected Peteris as its Bishop. Peteris began to see a vision for what needed to be done and established Baltic Pastoral Institute to help fulfill that vision.

Peteris also serves as chairman of the board of Christian Leadership College and is founder and developer of GANIBAS (“Pastures” in English), a Christian camp and conference center in western Latvia. His hobbies include construction work, landscaping and farming. Peteris is married to Marta and they have three daughters, Gabrielle, Sara, and Isabella (who is now living with Jesus).

  June 2021  
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